Kombucha Warehouse - Mix it Up with Kombucha Cocktail Recipes to Try at Home


Kombucha has grown in popularity over recent years for its health benefits like helping to boost immunity, aiding digestion, and detoxifying - but, did you know that you can incorporate it into your favourite cocktails? Yes, you can add Kombucha to cocktails, giving your cocktails a sweet and fizzy taste as well as reaping from its health benefits too.


Here at Kombucha Warehouse, we have put together this short post, introducing you to just a few of our favourite Kombucha cocktail recipes that you can try out at home. We deliver the world’s largest variety of delicious Kombuchas straight to your door, bringing you the tastiest flavours of Kombucha from leading brands as well as independent retailers.


To learn more, keep reading and for further information on our Kombucha tea that you can buy online - visit our website today.


Kombucha Strawberry Mojito


One of our favourite recipes is the Kombucha strawberry Mojito, which is perfect for those hot summer days when you want a refreshing cocktail. All that you need to create this delicious Mojito is Kombucha, ice, fresh strawberries, mint leaves and lime juice. First make a puree combining the mint leaves, fresh strawberries and lime juice and add this to your glass. Then all you need to do is add your Kombucha and rum, and enjoy.


Kombucha Moscow Mule


Another classic cocktail with a tangy twist that we recommend is the Kombucha Moscow Mule; a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. All that you need to mix up a tasty Kombucha Moscow Mule is vodka, lime juice, and ginger Kombucha to give it that ginger spicy kick! Combine your vodka, lime juice, ice and ginger Kombucha in a shaker and give it a good shake before pouring it into a glass to enjoy. This cocktail is the perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and strong!


Kombucha Mimosa


We all love a Mimosa, but why not add some Kombucha to it and make a delicious and refreshing Kombucha Mimosa? This is the absolutely perfect drink to enjoy with brunch, and to celebrate any occasion with. Combine half Prosecco or Champagne with Kombucha, and add this delicious combination to your glass. Then pour in your favourite fresh orange juice, and enjoy! This is a delicious light and fruity cocktail, perfect for enjoying with your friends.


Delicious Flavours to Suit Every Taste


Here at Kombucha Warehouse we have delicious Kombucha flavours that you can choose from online, to suit all of our customers tastes! What’s even better is that we are always introducing new Kombuchas to our website, so you’ll be able to shop all of our latest and tastiest flavours online. You can choose between our Twisted Kombucha Hibiscus and Lavender Kombucha, So Good Kombucha Apple Pie Kombucha, The Fermentation Station Autumn Plum Kombucha, The Healthy Gut Company Pear & Elderflower Kombucha as well as many other tantalising flavours that you and your taste buds will love.


Mix it Up With Delicious Kombucha Cocktails from Kombucha Warehouse


Hopefully this post has inspired you to try out a few of these delicious, fizzy alcoholic treats that you can make using Kombucha. If you’re looking to buy Kombucha online in the UK to add to your favourite cocktails, why not shop with Kombucha Warehouse today? We bring you the very best flavours of Kombucha on the market, so you can experience everything this delicious fermented tea has to offer. We search high and low for the hottest and highest-rated Kombuchas on the scene, and combine Kombuchas from leading brands as well as small independent retailers to bring you the most delicious Kombuchas you can find online.


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