Kombucha Warehouse - Kombucha For Beginners; the Essential Guide to this Gut Boosting Drink

Kombucha has been around for centuries, and now is enjoyed by many all over the world due to the many amazing health benefits that it brings, as well as its delicious, fizzy and punchy taste that Kombucha lovers adore. But if you’re new to Kombucha, you might be wondering what it actually is, how is it made, and what are its health benefits?


We have put together an essential guide to this gut-boosting drink, telling you everything you need to know about Kombucha. Kombucha Warehouse is the largest online retailer of Kombucha in the UK, bringing the tastiest flavours of booch’ directly to your door. To learn more, keep reading and for further information on our Kombucha subscriptions visit our website today.


What is Kombucha?


Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage, that is made from a mixture of tea, sugar, and SCOBY; also known as a starter culture, which is made up of bacteria and yeast. It can be made using black, green, or white tea and can also have flavours added to it like apple, peach, rose and cinnamon to create different flavour variations.


It takes around 7-14 days to make and ferment before it can be enjoyed, and it becomes fizzy during its fermentation process. This leaves you with a tasty, bubbly drink that is rich in probiotics and beneficial acids. Kombucha has a unique flavour profile, but we like to think that its tart, slightly sweet, slightly sour and wickedly tangy. It is a super refreshing drink, and it can have different tastes depending on what flavours you add to it - making it fruity, floral, or herbal.


Where Did Kombucha Come From?


Kombucha is thought to have originated in China, around 220 BC where it was used as a natural remedy and is still used for this to this day! Its health benefits then spread to other parts of Asia, Europe, and the US and it's now enjoyed all across the world.


What are the Health Benefits Associated with Kombucha?


Kombucha has a huge number of health benefits making it the ideal drink to add to your diet. It's full of probiotics (from those SCOBYs that were added during the making of the Kombucha) which work to improve your gut health, digestion, and help with bloating, constipation, the absorption of nutrients and IBS.


It also boosts immunity as its rich in antioxidants and helps to protect our bodies from free radical damage. Kombucha also helps to reduce joint pain, flush out toxins and waste, and promotes heart health.


Want to Incorporate Kombucha into Your Diet?


We hope that this short post has taught you more about this gut-boosting drink, and what it’s all about! If you would like to incorporate Kombucha into your diet to reap its health benefits and enjoy its delicious flavour, then why not shop with Kombucha Warehouse today?


We bring Kombucha directly to your door, with a world of delicious, tantalising flavours to choose from - from the biggest brands, to independent retailers so you can try it all. We have so many amazing Kombuchas for you to try, such as our Against The Current Rhubarb + Hibiscus Kombucha, our Tea Over Coffee Ginger Kombucha, our Pure Kombucha Red Jade Tea Kombucha, our Raw Culture Hopical Punch Kombucha and many more!


Why not Consider a Kombucha Subscription?


Do you want to have 6 delicious flavours of Kombucha delivered directly to your door twice a week, weekly, or monthly? Why not consider a Kombucha subscription - aka Kombucha Club!


Our team perfectly package and deliver your Kombuchas to you, so that you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home. What’s even better is that you can cancel at any time, so you aren’t tied in to any tricky or difficult subscriptions. Our subscription also gives you 10% off all products site-wide, and you will get to try 6 different delicious flavours of our Kombuchas every month. If you’d like to supercharge your gut health, then visit our website for more information.

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