How did your one-stop shop for the ’Booch come to be?

When award-winning mixologist Jack started home-brewing Kombucha back in 2020, health enthusiast Jordan saw the tasty, low sugar, probiotic beverage as the perfect mixer for his favourite gins. After seeing how the low’ calorie ‘booch brought a unique flavour profile while also delivering some serious health benefits, they both knew they were onto something magical.

Enthused with the knowledge of just how great the ‘booch can be, brothers Jack and Jordan combined their years of events management in top London bars, expertise in mixology, and passion for the tastiest bevs to form Kombucha Warehouse. From the beginning, Kombucha Warehouse has committed to finding the very best ‘booch from around the globe.


Since then, Kombucha Warehouse has been living in the fast lane, educating the masses on the wonders of the ‘booch and sharing their stories with the world.

Kombucha Warehouse is currently the largest online retailer of Kombucha in the UK - and that’s only the beginning! Their dream is to bring kombucha to the global stage, sharing the benefits, partnering with the best breweries, and putting this sensational drink on the map.

Are you ready to join the ‘booch revolution?

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