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Looking for ways to improve employee wellness and productivity? Join our Office Box subscription to receive delicious gut health-boosting kombucha to your workplace each month. Trust us, your employees will thank you for it! 

🍹 Different delicious kombucha every month
🚚  Free shipping to your office
💚 Supercharge your gut health
⏱️ Cancel anytime

Our Office Box comes in three sizes:

  • Small: 48 Kombuchas
  • Medium: 144 Kombuchas
  • Enterprise: 240 Kombuchas


Research shows that 'good bacteria' not only aids in food digestion, but also affects our mood - helping us to adjust to our environment, provide energy, and fight disease. Want to learn more about how kombucha can benefit your employees' moods and health, check out our blog here

There is plenty of reasons in short, our gut is our body's second brain and in my opinion it is even more powerful than our brain. Here's why: Did you know that 70% of the immune system is located in the gut, and as Hippocrates himself said that “all disease begins in the gut”, this makes total sense when you think that anything you eat is processed through the gut. That being said an unhappy gut can lead to your staff being uncomfortable, unmotivated, unhappy and unfocused which all essentially leads to an unproductivity. Check out the blog on employee productivity and gut health: https://kombuchawarehouse.com/blogs/news/the-secret-to-employee-productivity-gut-health

Small business x1 boxes that contains: (48 CANS) 12% discount

  • x16 cans Remedy - 2 flavours x8 Cherry, x8 Ginger Lemon
  • x16 cans Hip Pop - 2 flavours x8 Strawbery Pineapple, x8 ginger Yuzu
  • x16 cans Equinox - 2 flavours x8 peach turmeric, x8 raspberry elderflower.

Medium business x3 boxes that contain: (144CANS) 20% discount

  • x48 cans Remedy - 4 flavours x12 Cherry, x12 Ginger Lemon, x12 raspberry lemonade, x12 peach
  • x48 cans hip pop - 4 flavours x12 strawberry pineapple, x12 ginger yuzu, 12 blueberry ginger, x12 apple elderflower
  • x48 cans Equinox - 4 flavours x12 peach turmeric, x12 raspberry elderflower, x12 wild berry, x12 Grapefruit & Guava

Enterprise Business x5 boxes (240 CANS) 30% discount

  • x80 cans Remedy - 4 flavours x20 Cherry, x20 Ginger lemon, x20 raspberry lemonade, x20 peach
  • x80 cans hip Pop - 4 flavours x20 strawberry pineapple, x20 ginger yuzu, x20 blueberry ginger, x20 apple elderflower
  • x80 cans Equinox - 4 flavours x20 peach turmeric, x20 raspberry elderflower, 20 wild berry, x20 Grapefruit & Guava

When people are educated in the importance of gut health and how kombucha is made it helps them understand the new flavours they are experiencing. You can simply send them a link to this blog https://kombuchawarehouse.com/blogs/news/8-top-tips-for-moving-soda-drinkers-over-to-kombucha this will be a quick and easy way for them to get their head around it.

We are absolutely open to tailoring your order based on your requirements, the price will vary. We will match the discounts given in our primary listing according to the number of boxes you fill. Please email hello@Kombuchawarehouse.com to discuss

Yes, they can, however, we always advise to store in a cool dry place if not refrigerated, ALWAYS refrigerate, and consume cold. “it’s the only way” and finally tailored orders may not be able to be stored out of the fridge.

Yes, you can cancel any time. Please get in touch at hello@Kombuchawarehouse.com

This can be arranged upon order. Please get in touch via hello@Kombuchawarehouse.com

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