Kombucha Explained


What is Kombucha?
Kombucha quite simply is fermented sweetened tea. Good bacteria and yeasts feed off the sweet tea, consume the sugar and produce delicious flavour compounds and acids along with a gentle fizz for a thirst quenching, probiotic bevvy.

How do I make Kombucha?
The process of fermentation is complex but we have broken it down simply below: Sugar + Tea + water + SCOBY + Time & Love = Tasty Kombucha + Happy Gut

All of the factors above are variables so try to ensure you use the best quality ingredients possible, for example, raw cane sugar, organic fair trade tea, filtered water and lots of patience. You get out what you put in.

Where does Kombucha come from?
The exact origin of kombucha is uncertain, though it likely originated in China and spread with tea along the Silk Road. It has been widely brewed in parts of eastern Europe, particularly in rural Russia, and is common in China, Japan, and Korea.

How do I drink Kombucha?
Check out our guide “How to Kombucha” HERE.

What tea can I use to make Kombucha?
Kombucha can be made from any tea but most brewers will use a blend of green and black teas. Black teas or more oxidised teas have a stronger flavour which will carry through more into the final product. Teas like English breakfast and Ceylon Tea are great. Green teas or Oolongs have a more subtle flavour but are rich in powerful antioxidants and work great to make a powerful brew.

Kombucha SCOBYs have adapted to the nutrients of black tea but can tolerate and even adapt to using other teas, just avoid any scented of flavoured tea such as cheap early grey (scented with bergamot oil instead of dried peel).

Is Kombucha good for you?
We firmly believe through our own experience and that of our community, that Kombucha is great for supporting a healthy balanced diet, but we are not doctors and do recommend you do your own research. For an objective opinion and the facts please check out this article on Health Line HERE.

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