How To Kombucha


Sweet, tangy, bubbly, and sure to leave you wanting more – kombucha brings a new sensation straight to your tongue. For generations, this fizzy probiotic has been gracing taste buds around the globe.

Here at Kombucha Warehouse, we love sharing this lil’ bottle of sparkling joy with the world. From kombucha newbie to a complete ‘booch pro, take a look at these tips to have the best possible kombucha experience:


Chill it – Like a nice cool beer, kombucha is best served cold. A little fridge action will calm the bubbles and allow you to savour the sweet and sour combo.


Roll it – Although you might be jumping with joy, be sure to leave your ‘booch firmly on the ground. If you need to mix, gently roll it from side to side.


Ice it – For a refreshing and slightly diluted ‘booch on the rocks, drop a few cubes into your glass. We couldn’t recommend this enough for first-timers.


Mix it – Health benefits aside, if you’re looking for a cheeky cocktail or just a mixer, the ‘booch is the perfect base for your favourite drinks. We’ve even got a whole host of killer recipes to get you going.

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