How Gut Health Can Improve Employee Productivity

A strong wellness program is key to attracting and keeping top talent at your business. But are you aware of a critical medical issue that you may have overlooked? And what if this matter might have a significant impact on costs and employee engagement?

Meet the microbiome, the complex societies of microorganisms that dwell in your intestines.

Researchers have discovered that these intestinal bacteria not only aid in food digestion; they also affect our mood, help us adjust to our environment, provide energy, and fight disease. Maintaining a strong gut microbiota can benefit your employees' moods and health with a lower incidence of both acute and chronic illnesses.

So, how can your work culture improve employee gut health?

  • Educate your employees — Studies have shown that when people use antibacterial soaps too frequently, it can disrupt their gut bacteria and increase the risk of a number of medical problems.
  • Educate their immune systems — Encourage the workplace to use natural cleansers and soaps
  • Encourage exercise and stress reduction — Managers should adopt a casual approach to wellness and stress management through employee engagement in these initiatives.
  • Improve office air quality — Air quality, comfort, and productivity can all be enhanced by having the correct ventilation system and high-quality air filters.
  • Provide healthy food and drink options — provide meals, snacks and drinks that are low in sugar and fats, but high in fiber.


Kombucha is fermented sweetened tea that has proven health benefits for your gut. Good bacteria and yeasts feed off the sweet tea, consume the sugar and produce delicious flavour compounds and acids along with a gentle fizz for a thirst quenching, probiotic bevvy. With tonnes of brands bursting with different flavours, it makes for a great fridge filler at the office. Want to know more about Kombucha, check out our blog HERE

We firmly believe through our own experience and that of our community, that Kombucha is great for supporting a healthy balanced diet, but we are not doctors and do recommend you do your own research. For an objective opinion and the facts please check out this article on Health Line HERE.



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