What's In The Box This May?

The Kombucha Club gives you a taste (well, 6 different tastes) of the trendiest and highest-rated ‘boochas currently on the scene and 10% off all products site-wide. Click HERE to join the club.


What's in the box this March? Check out our Kombucha Club tasting video:


Oichi Ginger, Lime and Mint
The most delicious and fresh capture of lime we have on hand. Clean, crisp, juicy lime, with subtle hints of spicy ginger with a fresh mint finish. Super raw, cloudy and refreshing, this will be my go to on a hot day.

You & I Lime & Sea Salt
The perfect drink for your post workout, all the organic acids and electrolytes from kombucha and salts to replace what you may have lost. You + I use hand rolled Assam tea along with smoked sea salt to perfectly balance the crisp bite of citrus. The ultimate thirst quencher.

Loving Foods Blueberry & Lavender
One for our floral flavour lovers. Loving foods always nail that acetic bite and yeasty funk that Kombucha is know for and keeps you coming back for more. Delicately balanced lavender and sweet and tannic blueberries create a balance a kin to a rich Rosé wine. Drink with lots of ice and a shot of gin if you're feeling fancy.

Booya Vitality Orange & Cinnamon
One of the most unique flavours we have on the site. Booya Orange & Cinnamon instantly transports me to a tropical paradise, sitting at a beach bar sipping a tiki cocktail. This Kombucha is incredibly complex with the cinnamon lending dry spice and fragrant aroma. Pair this with aged rum for an absolute banger of a highball.

River Cottage Garden
River Cottage by equinox showcases the best of the British countryside. The Garden is light and bright and immediately takes us back to our childhood of Rhubarb and Custard sweets, brought on by the addition of creamy chamomile and fresh Rhubarb. The genius addition of lovage balances the sweet with savoury.

Laid Bear Original
You can always judge a brewer by their original flavour booch. Nothing to hide behind, just tea and tastiness. Laid Bear combines a clean blend of sencha green tea, black tea and jasmine tea. Its an absolute banging booch with the perfect balance of fresh tea flavour, and funky fermentation.
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