What's In The Box This February?

The Kombucha Club gives you a taste (well, 6 different tastes) of the trendiest and highest-rated ‘boochas currently on the scene and 10% off all products site-wide. Click HERE to join the club.

What's in the box this February? Check out our Kombucha Club tasting video:

You & I Kombucha Lemon & Lavender
Floral and fragrant, the combination of lemon and lavender is reminiscent of bergamot earl grey tea. This dry thirst quencher would pair perfectly with breakfast pastries with its restrained floral notes and crisp acidity to cut through buttery croissants.  Check out our cocktail video HERE.
Good Earth Kombucha Original
For those who love their tea black with a squeeze of lemon, Good Earth original highlights the wonderful tannic complexities of the teas used to make kombucha. Deep and moreish flavours of umami and salt with brighter, vegetal top notes being lifted by the kombucha acids.
Loving Foods Raspberry & Tulsi
The nose brings subtle basil and a strong hit of fragrant raspberry. This kombucha is only lightly sparkling, yielding a more complex dry acidity similar to a blush rose wine. The tulsi adds a herbal kick, with notes of fennel seed and pickled cucumber. Great with sushi or salmon gravalax
Twisted Kombucha Ginger Pineapple & Cascade
Incredibly complex, Twisted pineapple, ginger and cascade hops is a joy to consume. On the nose a wonderful aroma of fruit and spice with the cascade hops’ contributing citrus, pine and spice. The flavour is reminiscent of agave spirits and so is crying out to be used in cocktails with Tequila or Mezcal. 
Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp
Like biting into a crisp granny smith apple it doesn't get more thirst quenching. Dry, tart and green, Remedy Apple Crisp is super light and accessible. We recommend serving over ice with slices of cucumber and mint, you can even be cheeky and throw a shot of gin in there.
Holos kombucha Citra Hops.
Like a dry and crisp session IPA, bursting with tropical citrus hop profiles that were born to pair with the tart tang of kombucha. The nose is all citra hops, gooseberry, citrus & lychee, super floral and fragrant, the palette balances the robust tea blend holos is know for. Drink this with anything cooked on fire, roasted meats, grilled celeriac, you name it. Check out our cocktail video HERE.
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