Kombucha for Late Night Treats?

Late night snacking is a habit many of us fall into after dinner. We’re tired, but not ready to call it a night. Instead, we reach for something salty or sweet to satisfy our cravings. However, if you’re trying to stay healthy and reach your fitness goals, this can be a problematic habit. Fortunately, there is an easy solution—try swapping out your late night treats for kombucha! Let’s explore why this is such a great idea.

Late night treats are usually loaded with sugar and empty calories which can make it difficult to reach your fitness goals or maintain a healthy diet. In contrast, kombucha offers many health benefits due to its probiotic content and vitamins. It will provide you with energy without the sugar crash from processed snacks like chips or candy bars. Plus, kombucha packs in flavour so you won't be missing out on taste either! You'll get all of these benefits in a single glass of kombucha instead of unhealthy snacks that could eventually lead to weight gain or other negative effects on your health.
So next time you're reaching for something sweet at midnight, consider grabbing some kombucha instead! Not only will it provide you with plenty of nutrients and energy-boosting vitamins but it's also low in sugar compared to most late-night snacks so you won't have to worry about any crashes later on down the line. Plus, there are lots of different flavours available so you'll never get bored! Whether you're studying late or just need an evening pick-me-up, grab yourself some kombucha instead! Your body will thank you!
below are a few ideas of how you can use kombucha as a treat
Kombucha Gummies:
You can make your own gummy candies using kombucha as the main ingredient. These gummies are low in sugar and packed with gut-healthy probiotics. click here for a delicious recipe: https://www.cottercrunch.com/homemade-gummies-with-probiotics/
    Get your kombucha for your for your gummies here:  River Cottage - Strawberries & Cream
    Kombucha Popsicles:
    Blend together your favourite kombucha flavour with fresh fruit and freeze in popsicle moulds for a refreshing and healthy treat. click here for an amazing recipe: https://www.keep-calm-and-eat-ice-cream.com/raspberry-lemon-kombucha-popsicles/
    Get your kombucha for your for your Popsicles here: Genie - Blueberry & Raspberry  
    Kombucha Float:
    Top a glass of your favourite kombucha with a scoop of dairy-free ice cream for a guilt-free dessert that's perfect for hot summer nights. try this recipe: https://feastingonfruit.com/kombucha-ice-cream-float/
      Get your kombucha for your for your Kombucha float here: Equinox - Ginger
      Kombucha Smoothie:
      Blend together kombucha with frozen fruit, greens, and protein powder for a nutrient-dense and energising smoothie. Recipe here: //www.vitamix.com/us/en_us/recipes/ginger-kombucha-smoothie
        Get your kombucha for your for your Smoothie here: Ginger  Kombuchas
        These are just a few ideas, but there are many other ways to incorporate kombucha into your diet as a healthy and delicious treat.
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