Goodbye Coffee, Hello Kombucha: Why you Should Replace Coffee with Kombucha


A lot of people find it hard to start their day without a morning cup of coffee which gives them the energy boost they need to get out of bed. Although coffee is delicious, many find that it can make them feel jittery and anxious, give them a caffeine crash and also stop them from sleeping properly. This is where kombucha could be the perfect alternative, giving you a natural energy boost without all of the negative and nasty side effects.


Our team at Kombucha Warehouse has put together this post to tell you more about why you should replace your coffee with a glass of kombucha. Kombucha Warehouse brings customers the world's largest variety of kombucha, delivered directly to their doors, and we have several delicious and tantalising flavours to choose from. To learn more, keep reading and for further information on our kombucha subscriptions - check out our website today.


Gives you the Energy Boost you Crave


Many people reach for a cup of coffee to get an energy boost from the caffeine it contains. Kombucha is made from tea - usually black, green, oolong or white tea - which naturally contains caffeine so it can give you the boost that you need. A standard bottle of kombucha tends to contain around 15 mg of caffeine, so it can help to wake you up and get you going or give you that mid-afternoon boost of energy that you need. A lot of people consume too much caffeine which can lead to negative side effects, so kombucha is the ideal way to get the caffeine you need without overconsuming it.


Increases the Quality of your Sleep


Coffee can affect the quality of your sleep. Lots of people find it difficult to both fall asleep and stay asleep all night when they consume coffee on a regular basis. This is because caffeine blocks the sleep-promoting receptors in your brain, known as adenosine receptors, which means you stay alert and awake. As kombucha contains much lower amounts of caffeine than coffee, it will allow you to experience a deeper and better quality of sleep. You will be able to fall asleep quicker when it's time to go to bed and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.


Reduces your Anxiety and Jitters


Often, coffee also makes people feel anxious and jittery, and it can actually raise levels of stress hormones. Excessive caffeine consumption is shown to increase stress and anxiety, raise heart rate and blood pressure, and affect your central nervous system. As kombucha has less caffeine in it, you won’t experience these kinds of negative side effects that come with being a coffee lover. Kombucha also contains an amino acid called L-theanine which is naturally found in tea, and it’s excellent at reducing anxiety and stress, promoting relaxation, and improving focus - which is another added bonus of this drink.


Ready to Replace Your Cup of Coffee with Kombucha?


If you’re ready to replace your cup of coffee with kombucha and experience a natural energy boost, then why not shop with Kombucha Warehouse today? Here at Kombucha Warehouse, we have a wide range of the hottest and highest-rated kombuchas to choose from - so you can find new flavours that you adore. What’s even better is that we deliver them directly to your door and you can enjoy kombucha from the comfort of your home whenever you fancy.


You can choose between our Verbena Lemonade Kombucha, Rhubarb & Roots Kombucha, Strawberry Cream Soda Kombucha, Watermelon & Cucumber Kombucha and so many more. We stock kombuchas from the leading brands in the industry as well as from smaller up-and-coming brands, so you can try everything that the world of kombucha has to offer.


How About a Monthly Kombucha Subscription?


If you want to try all of our latest flavours of kombucha, why not try out our monthly kombucha subscription - Kombucha Club? Kombucha Club lets you try 6 of the trendiest kombuchas currently on the scene, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and we ship them directly to your door for free. You also receive 10% off all of our products site-wide, so if you want to get any extra tasty bottles of kombucha then you can.


What are you waiting for? Sign up for our monthly kombucha subscription in the UK and supercharge your health.

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