Dry January? We got you covered! Kombucha warehouse Dry Jan Survival Kit.

Ready to tackle Dry January? Don’t feel alone! Kombucha Warehouse has your back this month with our exclusive Dry January Survival Kit. Our kit is the perfect combination of fun, pleasure, staying hydrated and keeping fit for when you need just a bit of everything.
You won’t find a tastier or more fulfilling way to get through dry January than with our amazing Kit. We have selected an assortment of delicious varieties for you to enjoy. All of these flavours offer a unique take on the traditional kombucha taste and will give you something special each time you pick one up.
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And why stop at kombuchas? With so many exciting non-alcoholic beverage options on the market today, we’ve decided to include some extra goodies in our kit.
Seedlip Spice 94. 200ml &  Seedlip Garden 108. 200ml - The world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, solving the ever-growing dilemma of 'what to drink when you're not drinking.  www.seedlipdrinks.com
- 250g of Cacao by www.organicpowders.com use this to make a delicious hot chocolate or dessert
- 2 weeks free online Personal Training by @KEY2SWIFT (INSTAGRAM)
Who knew that not drinking could be this fun?

We understand that cutting out booze can be hard – let us help make Dry January more manageable and enjoyable with our survival kits. Complete with plenty of recipes and tips on how to make it your most successful dry January yet – this kit has it all! So, grab one now and get ready for an unbeatable month full of kombuchas from kombucha Warehouse, Mocktails with inspired from Seedlip, treats from Organic powders and a head start with your fitness from Key2swift Personal Training . Cheers!
Our kit contains: 
LA brewery - Blush 750ml (Sparkling rose Alternative)
Real - Royal flush 750ml (Prosecco Alternative)
Holos - Sunset hops (Beer Alternative)
La - Citra Hops (Beer Alternative)
Holos - Dark Fruit (Fruity cider Alternative)
Raw Culture - Mangosaurus (Beer Alternative)
Raw Culture - Lemon drop (Beer Alternative)
We are Kombucha - Ginger (Ginger Beer)
PJ Kombucha - Grapefruit (Spritz Alternative)
The Fermentation Station - Bonfire (Whisky Alternative)
Twisted Kombucha - Butterly Pea (Cocktail) Paired with Seed lip)
Laid Bear - Lime Mint (Cocktail) Paired with Seed lip)
Craft Tea Brew Co - Hibitiual Drinker (Cocktail) Paired with Seed lip)
Moment Drinks - Cola (healthy cola replacement).
x2 Seed lip, spice & Garden 200cl - The world's first distilled non-alcoholic spirit, solving the ever-growing dilemma of 'what to drink when you're not drinking.
Organic Powders - Cacao powder (ideal for making delicious hot chocolates or  yummy brownies)
Personal training PASS - 2 weeks free online Personal Training BY kEY2SWIFT
Our delicious kombucha is the perfect replacement for beer or wine whisky and cocktails. With a variety of flavours and category replacements  to choose from, we're gonna make dry January feel like an absolute enjoyable breeze.

Special treats:
So we thought we'd give you a little extra to help you through this wonderful month. We have included some amazing Cacao powder from Organic Powders, perfect for hot chocolate and any delicious healthy desserts, such as brownies and cake.
To top it all off we've we've gifted you 2 weeks with renowned PT @KEY2SWIFT. Two weeks free Gym based/ home workouts, habits builder, challenges, food tracking, zoom call/form link checkins.

Journal: A journal is a great way to keep track of your progress during dry January. Use it to document your thoughts, feelings, and experiences throughout the month.

We hope our dry January survival kit helps you make it through the month without alcohol! Kombucha warehouse is proud to support your efforts to live a healthier life. Cheers to a happy and healthy new year!
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