Cocktail Recipe #5 - Dry Apple & Blackberry Spritz

This cocktail is the simplest we have created to date and by far the most delicious but the easiest to mess up.

The secret to success here is to ensure that every ingredient is icy cold and you gently stir the ingredients to combine but not to knock out the bubbles.

Prosecco has tonnes of green apple notes inside so this is an obvious but elegant match.

Check out our recipe video here: 

Dry Apple & Blackberry Spritz

  • 10 ml Blackberry syrup*
  • 80 ml Remedy Dry Apple Kombucha
  • 80 ml good quality prosecco
  • Build all ingredients in a large champagne flute or wine glass

Garnish: blackberry
Glass: Flute

*combine 200g blackberries with 200g white sugar and 200g of filtered water, Bring to the boil and remove from heat allow to cool. Strain out the pulp, bottle and keep refrigerated for up to 1 week

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